We CAN'T do it without you. Volunteers are VITAL to the success of Growing Like Weeds Children's Consignment Sale!

Once you are a registered consignor, you will have an opportunity to view available volunteer opportunities within your account.

Why Volunteer?
◦Shop first at the volunteer preview sale!
◦If you work 1 shift you don't have to pay the seller fee!
◦Shifts are not required to be consecutive.
◦We offer shifts at several different times during the week in order to accommodate any consignor's busy schedule.
◦The Volunteer Preview Sale is held one hour prior to the Consignor Preview Sale and the volunteers get the very first shopping opportunity at each sale. It is our way to say “thank you”! 

Volunteer Tasks
Make sure you wear comfortable clothing and shoes. The tasks assigned to workers during their shift are dependent on the needs of a shift. We will always give complete instructions to workers so that they will be comfortable with the tasks assigned to them. It's easy, it's fun!!

Assist consignors with bringing in their items
Once items have been evaluated, you will help by putting items in the correct areas on the sales floor.
Keep the sales floor neat and organized
◦Sale Set-Up:
Ensure all clothing is in the correct gender and size designations
Ensure all toys, equipment and other items are in their designated areas
Assist shoppers on the sales floor
Help at check-out
Assist shoppers to their vehicles
Constantly keeping the sales floor neat and organized

Register as a Volunteer Online

Signing-up for shifts is on a first-come first-served basis. Register for your shifts early after you log on to your account. Only available shifts will show online, so if you don't see the shift you were looking for, it is already full. However, we are always looking for volunteers so e-mail us at the address on the Contact Us page and we will try to find a spot for you. After you register online you will receive a confirmation e-mail and will also receive a reminder e-mail the week of the sale.